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Viking Restaurant Harald

Viking Restaurant Harald is one of those places where, after seeing the website, I MUST go.
Maybe because there's still a big side of tourist in me, maybe because it looks and sounds exotic or maybe because I've always been fascinated by viking folklore and legends.

So as soon as I saw their website I decided that I had to try it out. Thing is, they're not just everywhere, only in the biggest Finnish cities so I had to wait to visit my relative in Lahti and later a trip to Kuopio to finally check out the restaurant.

I must say that aesthetically it looks amazing, as it offers a warm viking atmosphere with themed music and furniture, a true tourists magnet. Very smart indeed. Even the toilets have funny viking characters on the doors!

And about the most important stuff, the food, well it's worth going to Harald just to enjoy the names of the dishes. They're really funny and well thought :P

The first time in Lahti I ordered "Vidar Goatherder’s Chicken", which consisted in roasted chicken breast, goat cheese and various veggies. As for dessert I ate tar flavoured ice-cream, which was good but nothing special.

In Kuopio we all ordered a common "Shield of Heimdal the Bridgekeeper", which consisted in different kinds of meat, veggies and sauces. And for dessert we had delicious crêpes with ice-cream and jam.

I had a very good expercience at Harald. It was a very enjoyable place to eat at with friends, even though I preferred the one in Kuopio because there were viking helmets we could wear :P

The food is good, a bit exotic for an Italian maybe, with all those weird sauces and jams. But the meat was great! Cooked perfectly and very juicy. It is a bit pricy, obviously is not a place where you can go often, but the portions are fairly big.

Crunchy dry rye bread and melted butter as we wait for the main course...

 Big yummy meal!

 Harald's sign in Lahti.

Inside is quite dark...

And finally a note from my boyfriend, who remarks (seriously?!):

Remember to complain about glazing in cups and plates, those aren't authentic viking-era pottery. Totally ruined atmosphere for me.

If you happen to come to Finland check this place out, I recommend it!


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