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Nectarine vanille yogurt

Summer has left and nectarines aren't nearly as good anymore, they are as hard as tennis balls.

But when I took this photo, necatarines were very tasty, soft and juicy and it was a must to taste them with yogurt. A new category is therefore born, which I can name: "Pimp my Yogurt" :D

My opinion is that yogurt works perfectly as dessert or snack when you have guests, and you don't have time (or will) to bake a pie or spend money for expensive confectionary. It's easy to prepare the yogurts beforehand in bowls and put them in the fridge, and take them out and decorate them as you wish just when the guests arrive.
This is a very cheap, yummy and healthy option! Especially if you use fat-free yogurts like I do.

  • 200 g nectarine (or peach, or fruit mix, whatever you can find) fat-free yogurt
  • about 100 g vanilla fat-free yogurt
  • 1/2 nectarine
  • sugar sprinkles for decoration
Put in a bowl or glass the nectarine yogurt and the vanilla one on top of it, without mixing.
Wash and chop the nectarine in small pieces and put them on the yogurt. Decorate with different kinds of sugar sprinkles.


misao said...

this looks like unicorn food *-*
I aprove!

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