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Welcome back: bento #1

Holy cow! It's been ages since this blog got updated, it's about time to write something don't you think?

Summer went reaaaaaaaaally fast, and here's is already full autumn with yellow leaves falling from the trees and air getting chilly. It's also raining quite a lot too, and you can spot mushrooms everywhere. The temperature is about 7ÂșC and yesterday I took the winter coat out from my wardrobe... BRRRRR >.<

Since here is becoming darker and darker everyday (kaamos is coming), I try to cheer myself up making some colorful cute bentos. Bento is japanese style packed lunch, about which you can find more info on our "Bento" tab at the top of the page.

On the left there's spaghetti with mackerel and tomato sauce (leftover from the dinner) and baby carrots. On the right of the divider I put sweet corn in the cup, mozzarella balls, a little omelette and veggie sticks (cucumber and red bell pepper).

It came out very colorful :)

And this is the bento I used, my Barbapapa bento which has with 2 handy compartments.

Happy bento making!


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