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Trip to Joensuu

Yesterday was a lovely day! We visited Joensuu, a city in the eastern part of Finland, in the North Karelia region at about 110 km from where I live. Joensuu is traversed by the Pielisjoki river (the name itself means "river's mouth") and nowadays is mainly famous for its University.

I've never visited Joensuu before, but my bf stopped there few times when he was in the Army and he said it's a pretty town. Well, he was right, in fact Joensuu is beautiful! I liked it a lot. It's a big city (but not too big), with lots of cool shops, a nice marketplace, lovely views and food and it doesn't feel too crowded, actually it feels very relaxing :)

When we arrived, we found the marketplace full of people and stands waiting for us. There was also some sort of festival because there were dancers and singers performing on stage. There I went right away towards the muikku stand, which sells fried little fishes that are absolutely delicious! I love them :D

The best place was Taitokortteli, a handcraft and culture quarter situated in the center of the city. Inside there were many small workshops where women crafted before your eyes beautiful handmade goods like carpets, bags, t-shirts, pillows, hats and much much more. I was totally fascinated, and I must go there again!!

In front of Taitokortteli there was a nice garden and harbour.

Of course this was also a taste journey, so we ate more yummy stuff! For example I tasted their karelian pie, which is made and sold across all Finland but it is originally from the Karelian region. Other yummies were a kermamunkki from a local bakery and Arnolds' wonderful donuts :)

Here's more photos of Joensuu.


Sugarcat said...

waaa lovely!!! funny city with the blythe girls :D I'd go with cat-ears around the city eating fish, donuts and taking photos too... if I wouldn't feel embarassed! XDDDD
Hope you had a great day there ^^

Wonderland said...

We did, thanks! And we'll visit Joensuu with you too!:)

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