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Sushi Time!

So I friends and I went to a sushi night to take a practice on how to do good sushi... it was fun though the knife wasn't sharp enough... so the pieces didn't actually come out as good as we wanted to, but at leat we had a good time. Here some pictures:

Here the tables as we arrived, the rice was already prepared, since it takes a bit of time to do it. :)

Explaining the procedure of cutting the salmon: the white stripes must be visible, because it's the fat, and it gives not only taste, but also visual effect.

Cutting ourselves the first slices, yay!

ARRRR I cut cut cut! Salmon be mine!

My first salmon Nigiri! The trick, is that you just push the piece gently over the rice, and round it down the edges

Explaining how to roll and cut the sushi:

These are our cut pieces... waiting to eat!

Lol... a friend kind of.. let's say.. had troubles.. XD

YAYYYYY everything together... as you see it's not the prettiest sushi, but it is yummy!!

More pictures:

Again, more pictures:

This are california rolls, inside out. ;) and you see the shrimp tails!

This was done in an euphoria at home, lot's of avocado because friends love it:

There was sushi for 12 peoples at least.... XD

So that was my cooking Sushi experience. :)

I've learned that the most important part was doing the rice correctly, and never smash it while "sushing". Here's a good recipe. ;)

  • 250 gr of high gluteic rice (usually the round type)
  • 400 gr of water
  • a bit of sake
  • 4 spoons of vinegar (best if plain vinegar, no balsamico, no apple and no wine vinegar)
  • 2,5 spoons of sugar
  • 1/2 spoon of salt

Clean the rice with lots and lots of water, to clean from impurities and until the water comes out white.
Then take a pot (without the lid), where we put the rice together with the water and the sake and let it stay for 30 mins.
Meanwhile prepare the vinegar solution (vinegar, sugar and salt) for the rice once it is cooked. You can warm a bit the vinegar so it binds better with the salt and the sugar. Then, let it cool in the fridge, for it must be cold.
Now we start cooking the rice on maximum temperature in the pot (still without lid), until it starts to boil. Then we cover the pot with the lid and go down to very low heat, and let it boil without never ever retiring the lid for 20 mins. After those 20 mins we take the pot away from the fire, and DON'T remove the lid. We just let it rest like that for another 20 mins. This is very important, taking the lid prematurely away can make that your rice isn't good enough.
When those 20 mins resting pause are gone, we throw the rice gently on a glass or plastic container (never metallic one) and start "opening" the rice with a spatula. We cut lines dividing the rice, like letting the aire come in between but be careful to not "smash" the rice. It must be done very gently. We take the vinegare-solution out of the fridge and add them slowly to the rice, as we continue "cutting" it. We can also make use of a fan: it helps absorb the good quantity and be "fluffy". But again: do it gently, never smashing or mixing the rice, otherwhise it would be unuseful.
Then , the rice is ready. ;)
It will be sticky, so just remember to wet your fingers and hands with water while doing your maki, sushi, nigiri, etc. :)

Great ingredients for sushi are: fresh fish (tuna, salmon and shrimps are the most common), avocado, surimi, cucumber... just whatever you like, I even saw some makis done with philadelphia and salad leafs. :P


Wonderland said...

Wow so good! You did a great job!
I would like to make sushi, maybe we can make it together! :)
I tried to make salmon nigiris once but they came out a disaster....

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