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Lord Nelson tea

I've always liked tea. It's lovely to have a nice cup of tea in the morning (I don't really need coffee to wake up, usually) or at the evening. The tea moment is sometimes the best moment of the whole day.

I've tried many types of tea and I must say that my favorite is black flavored, vanilla is one of the best! :)
Twinings is a good brand but quite expensive and I never liked Lipton teas, because for some odd reason they taste weird and artificial.

My all-time favorite tea is Hornimans tea, spanish brand with silly name that my dear Sugarcat knows very well since she always mail me many bags of their wonderful tea!

But I recently fond amazingly good teas from the local Lidl store, the brand is Lord Nelson. First I tried the Rooibos Vanilla flavor, and it tasted almost like my beloved Hornimans!!! How happy I was!! :D

Then I saw that new Lord Nelson teas were on sale, in colorful beautiful packages. I grabbed two right away: Strawberry & Cream, lovely tea that taste like bubblegum, and Morello Cherry.

These teas are really good, and also quite cheap! If there's a Lidl store in your town and you're a tea lover like me, I recommend to try them out :)


misao said...

There's lidl, and there's lord nelson. but not THAT lord nelson, I think XD

Steve niklas said...

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feel free to leave a comment

Sugarcat said...

Hi! thanks for following ^^ will check your blog now :D

clair suen said...

Today i accidentally found that cherry one in
lidl, it was impressive the first sip of it~~~
I was hoping to find some basic informs of it online, never loved tea like this time!

Jaiza Jumawan said...

just tried lord nelson tea (kamille) and i quite like it :) i then searched for reviews about this tea and i found this.. great review :)

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