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Choco-Cookie-Coconut Cake! Triple C-Cake! :D

This is a typical cake in Spain, when families were poor and there wasn't much money or food to celebrate special days.
When my mother was young, her family was very poor, too. It was in the moment of the post war here in Spain, my grandmother tried to make a good life for everyone. They didn't had much to eat, but she tried to have enough to make a special dish on birthdays nd Christmas. What was the easiest to gather at that time was old bread, pig fat and sugar. Cake was done with this... layers of bread wet with a bit of water, pig fat and sugar spread on it and more layers.
As the economy was better, the cake evolutionized like a Pokemon: bread became cookie, pig fat became butter, sugar became chocolate. Same procedure.
With the 80's everything became well, but that cake was something that was still done in birthdays, and viewed as something easy, simple, low cost and yummy.

My sister and me, remembering us of my beloved grandmother, made yet another evolution. So here come's Triple C-Cake. Chocolate-Cookie-Coconut Cake.

  • 400 gr of cookies
  • 250 gr of chocolate
  • 150 gr of butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup of heavy cream
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 125 gr of coconut flakes
  • 150 gr icing sugar
  • cocoa powder
  • chocolate-sugar-sprinkles

Melt the butter and dissolve the caster's sugar, then chop the chocolate, melt it and mix with the butter. Add the egg yolks. Beat the eggwhites to snow, and add them to the mixture, too. Now, divide the mixture in two parts. 1 part you leave it as it is.
Beat the heavy cream to snow, then add the coconut flakes. Add this and mix it to the 2. part. So 1 part of the mixture is plain, and the other is with cream and coconut. Let them aside.
Now take a plate or pan. Take the cookies and the cup of milk... you start dipping the cookies in the milk (be careful to not let them moisten too much, they just need to assorb a bit of milk, enough to be soft, but not that much to fall apart) and putting them in the pan. When it is covered, you take mixture 1 (plain chocolate) and put some spoons on the cookies, covering them. 1 layer done, you make a second layer, take mixture 2 (with the coconut-cream) and cover them again... then layer 3 (with plain choc mixture), then layer 4 with the coconut one, and so forth...Leave a bit of the mixtures for the end, because after 5-6 layers, you want to cover the whole cake with the chocolate mixture. On the top, you sprinkle some spoons of cocoa-powder, and decorate with chocolate and sugar sprinklies.
Of course there can more and more variations be done: with oreo cookies, using the white icing, with mousse au chocolate, with flan and so on...this is one we like because the flavour changes, but it still remains simple.
Enjoy! <3


Wonderland said...

CCC cake sounds good, I love coconut and chocolate... omg I love cookies too!! :D

Next time invite me to your party!!!

misao said...

yeah! to the not- birthday party! *-*

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