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Sweet bubbly Vappu!

Today, May 1st, here in Finland is Vappu (known abroad as Walpurgis Night).
But while in other Countries, like Italy, this day is only considered Workers' Day, here it's a festivity that involves jokes, carnival-style celebrations, alcoholic beverages and yummy pastries.

The most popular Vappu drink is SIMA (sweet mead), but also sparkly wine and beer are quite popular. With those Finns eat usually sausages, donuts and especially tippaleipä (lovely funnel cake that looks a bit like a brain...).

As I wrote in this post, this year we made our own sima! And today it was finally ready to be enjoyed with some good yummy stuff :)

Our sima came out really good. The taste is not too sweet (we replaced some of the sugar of the original recipe with honey) and it's VERY BUBBLY! Just the way I like it :P

Sima is wonderful to drink with sweets like tippaleipä, cookies and marshmallows.

Happy Vappu!!!


misao said...

it look like carneval! :D
omg the sweets does really seem a brain!!! lol

Wonderland said...

It does hahaha but it's very yummy!

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