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Light potato croquettes

So time ago I had few potatoes left in the fridge and I had to find a way to cook them. They weren't enough to make mashed potatoes and I didn't feel like having plain boring boiled potatoes... What to do?! Ahhh big big dilemma!!!

At the end I made these potato croquettes, with other leftovers I found in the fridge: ham and parsley. They came out very good! Even in the photo there's a fork, I like to eat them with my fingers :P

In the original recipe, potato croquettes are deep fried in oil... so not very good for diet. Instead, I cooked them in a little bit of oil enough not to let them stick to the pan. Much much healthier.

These potato croquettes are ideal for snack, and you can fill them with ingredients of your choice like for example cheese, bell pepper or zucchini :)

  • some potatoes
  • 1 egg
  • sliced ham
  • finely chopped parsley
  • rapeseed oil
  • salt & pepper

Peel and wash the potatoes. Drop them in boiling water and cook until they're soft (I always add a couple of teaspoons of salt in the water).
Mash them with a fork or a blender and put them into a large bowl. Add then egg, ham, parsley, salt and pepper up to taste. Mix well.
Make small balls and flatten them up with your hands so they're easier to cook.
Warm up a pan with a little of oil and fry the croquettes on both sides until they turn a bit brown. Serve as they are or with some nice sauce.


misao said...

waaa so yummy!!
they remember me of "Vampiretta" :D
I once did something similar, with the enormous mistake of putting in cheese in there... while putting in the pan, they fell part... xD a tiny pan-disaster.

Wonderland said...

The cheese is a bit tricky to use because it tends to melt and stick to the pan too.

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