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Wonderland in Helsinki & new bunny bento

So, yesterday I was in Helsinki to get my new Italian passport. My god what a trip! 5 hours straight on the bus killed my royal 'tocks!! It was also my first time visiting Helsinki.

As I arrived at the central bus station, I couldn't find the Tourist Information point anywhere, so I asked people without getting any useful info. It was also hard to understand what they said! In the Capital they speak a totally different dialect than what I'm used to. It's crazy :P

At the end I found the Tourist Information office in the railway station, small and hidden in a corner... I managed to reach the Italian Embassy and get all the burocratic stuff done. So I still had about 3 hours free that I could use to visit the city and do some shopping! :)

Even if it was first snowing, and then raining (nice Spring weather isn't it?) the walk back towards the Centrum was nice. First I went to Tokyokan, a store that sells japanese food and kitchenware. I expected it to be a big bigger for some reason, but it was very nice anyway.
Sadly, I couldn't find the furikake I wanted to buy, but instead I found a wonderful blue bunny bento!! Oh joy! :D They had actually 2 types of bento, the blue one with bunnies and a red one with flowers.

I also bought a couple of Pocky packs :P
In these photos you can see the bento box better. It's a two tiers bento box, with chopsticks and divider included. In the package there was also a nice little bag to carry the bento around.

From DAYSHOP I bought this cute little tray. It's a very nice shop, full of cute and colored stuff for the house and accessories.

At this point my belly was rumbling so I had to stop to eat something. I ended up in Arnolds coffee shop... as it describes itself on the webpage "Finland’s first bakery & coffee shop chain with American style fast service".

There I ordered a chicken bagel and a milk chocolate donut. It was the best donut I've ever had in my whole life!!! My god was it good?!!
The bagel, on the other side, wasn't that great, also because the chicken was taken right from the fridge and it was still ice cold :/

Before I had to take the bus back home, I had the time to go to Tiger shop (a Danish chain) where I bought this lovely neko coin purse  ^^

I like Helsinki, it's a very nice city and I'd like to visit it again when I'll have more time at my disposal and a car!


Sugarcat said...

heeey, you found nice shops there! I don't have to ask if you enjoyed your trip, right? :D
lovely bentoooo!!! usagi bento! :D and the maneki pouch is really kawaii!!!! Can't believe you found pockys over there... I think you'll be going back soon, right? :P

Wonderland said...

Well I'd like to visit it again but not anytime soon, it's so far away :P
And yeah, the Pockys were really good!

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