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Sima, the viking drink (mead)

In my imagination I see viking wild parties where hairy tall vikings drink mead from horn cups and dance happily on the tables.

And, as Vappu (May Day) gets closer, this fantasy gets bigger and bigger :D
I always wanted to be a viking! And to drink mead from horn cup! Sadly I would be a ridiculous viking, being so short with dark hair and eyes. I would be an exotic viking! :D

Alright, I cannot be a viking (and cannot dance on tables) BUT I can make and drink my own sima! In Italy, we call it "idromele"... the word has a nice and romantic sound to it :)
Sima, sweet mead, is a bubbly brewed drink traditionally made with lemon, honey and raisins. It's related to the Finnish Vappu festival on May 1st, that celebrates International Workers' Day.

I love sima very much! It's sweet and fresh and bubbly! Last year my bf made sima himself and the result was excellent. It tasted way better than the commercial sima, it had a more traditional taste. So yesterday he made another batch for the upcoming Vappu, and it should be ready in about 1 week.

Here's what you need to make your own mead, don't forget a big bucket (or other sturdy container) with lid and empty bottles!

 mmm fresh lovely lemons...

Please note that this recipe doesn't include raisins because we don't like them much.

Ingredients (8 liters of mead):
8 liters of water
500 g brown sugar
250 g white sugar
2 lemons
about 250 g honey
1/4 ts fresh yeast

Put the sugars at bottom of the bucket. Boil 4 liters of water and pour it in the bucket, stir until the sugar is all melted. Add honey and keep mixing.
Add the rest of the water cold (4 liters). Check the temperature, when the liquid is lukewarm mix the yeast in a little bit of water and add it to the mixture.
Wash and slice the lemons, throw away the edges. Drop them in the bucket. Close the bucket with its lid and let it rest 1-2 days in a draftless place. 
After those days, bottle the sima without lemon slices: add a spoon of sugar to bottom of the bottles, close the caps loosely (might explode otherwise, especially if you were careless with the yeast), and let it rest 3-5 days more in a warm, draftless place.
Finally put the bottles in the fridge and serve cold.


misao said...

weelll... and with what wil you serve them? some deity related goods? :D

Wonderland said...

You usually eat tippaleipä with it (a pastry like funnel cake) or a munkki (donut). I will show this better next week when it's Vappu :)

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