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Easter noms

So we spent Easter holidays at my bf's mom place. There it was very hard not to eat sweets since the whole house was filled with chocolate eggs and at every coffee break she offered us tarts, or pulla or cookies!

I managed to take photos before all the noms went down the belly :P

Chocolate eggs and pretty decorations...

Something healthy in between noms :P

Yes it's Spring, I swear it....even if it doesn't really look like it... :(

Colorful candies.

Soft cream + lemon sprinkles = AWESOMENESS!

We went to a nice Café in the center where I ate this delicious kermamunkki (finnish donut).

Easy but tasty pie with cream and sugar sprinkles :P


misao said...

wow so yummy! really "easterysh"... xD
the jelly beans remember me of Harry Potter!! *-*

Wonderland said...

Hahaha XD XD
Now I wait for your Easter photos!

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