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Easter idea: naturally colored eggs

One thing I noticed is that Finns are CRAZY about crafting! At Xmas, and now at Easter, magazines are full of crafting ideas and stores sell all sort of tools and decorations.

In Italy we don't care so much about holidays decorations and crafting, especially for Easter... we care only about good food :D Of course, children love to do that stuff and I remember when I was little we often colored eggs with crayons at school for Easter. It was fun!

I'm not much into crafting so I wanted to make colored Easter eggs in a different way. I didn't use crayons, I used food. I know that shops sell fantastic food dyes, but I don't really trust those and I tried to use natural colors instead. This is my Easter basket with my naturally dyed hardboiled eggs:

This was my first attempt to do such a thing and I was really happy by the result! The colors turned out pretty and funny (even not as intense as the food dyes, of course) and I think it's a very nice idea for Easter.

I almost felt like an alchemist, stirring my boiling caludron full of strange colored liquids and emanating funny smells :D

First the eggs are boiled and then dropped in the colored solution (plus 2 teaspoons of vinegar) for some time, depends how strong you want the color to be, I left them for about 1 hour. 

I used blueberries (striped blue), red radicchio (light blue), curry powder (yellow), beetroot + paprika powder (pink). I wanted to make also a green egg but we didn't have spinaches at home.
If anyone of you want to make colored eggs this way, you need also to buy vinegar which makes the color stick to the egg.


Sugarcat said...

I love decorating and handmade! :D

We will be painting eggs though on wednesday or later this week..
oh yeah: painting. with colours.. Lol XD

Wonderland said...

Thank you, it was fun to make these eggs! :D

I can't wait to see yours! Will your little sister color eggs too?

raquel said...

Lovely and colorful eggs for Easter. This is a great idea for the upcoming occasion. Very creative using food dyes =)

Wonderland said...

@Raquel: Thank you so much, I think they're a fun idea especially for kids :)
Thank you for your comment!

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