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Day outside... And Alioli sauce!

So... I went last weekend to eat outside with a friend. So I didn't cook, but I did eat and saw yummy thing around. Of course I recorded it with pictures to show them off here. :)

What I ate with a friend was as follows.*.*

Wok rice with shrimps:

Next we went to walk around, and got to see two interesting shops.. first one was a kind of imitation of Willy Wonka's Fabric.. full of chocolates, marshmallows, sweets, etc...

Then, in the middle, a new corner of homemade popsicles decorated in different styles, very yummy and "cool". Of course, idea made in Italy. xD

Didn't manage to eat anything of those, but next time I will! ;)

Anyway, to make a tiny recipe-input, salad gave me the idea of post the alioli recipe, perfect for salads, or as sauce for dips. Here's its also very usual to eat "patatas alioli", fried or boiled potates, with the sauce all over.

  • 150 -200ml Seed-Oil (I wouldn't use olive oil, it can make it taste bitter or too strong.. seeds oil is better)
  • 2 garlics
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 1 egg
  • Parsley (optional)
  • Salt
In a container you put the egg, the garlics, the parsley and the salt. Beat a tiny bit only and add the lemon. And then start beating while pouring strings of the oil. It's important to not pour all the oil immediately. Also it's important that the egg has chamber-temperature. The lemon will help to create a homogenous sauce. Beat until there's the texture of mayo. And then use it, if you don't eat everything, put it in the fridge. It will last for 1-3 days. If you see you want more garlic, feel free to add more, but behold, no vampire will want to kiss you, lol! Enjoy ;)...


Wonderland said...

Wow that popsicle corner looks so cool! I wish they had something like that here too! They don't even have a decent gelateria :P

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