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Wonderland goes to Spring Market

I've always hated to go to markets in Milano, because there is a total mess. Too crowded, too chaotic, too noisy. EVERYONE shouts, sellers and customers (us Italians are screaming champions). Moving is impossible since there's so many people walking in every direction without any logic and if you add small children and dogs and grannies... it becomes a nightmare!

But here in Finland is different, and I like it. Of course, in a small town's market you can't find a big selection like in big cities, but who cares! As long as there is the stand of the fried little fishes "paistetut muikut" (my secret love) and the licorice stand, I'm happy :)

So today my bf and I went to the marketplace. I didn't buy the fried fishies, but we ate a lovely lörtsy, a pastry made of meat and rice but there is also available a version filled with apple jam (mine was with meat). My man also bought 19 meters of colorful licorice and almost 2 kg of salmon :D
And yes, here they sell licorice in meters and they taste awesome!

 delicious pastries...

 I was taking pics of salmon packs when the seller struck a pose so I had to take a photo of him :D

 this is the yummy lörtsy (already bitten)...

 when the sun shines all the snow melts...

 that's a whole lot of licorice!

 ...even more licorice :)


misao said...

LOOOL at the salmon vendor! XD
LOVEEEEE the licorice!!! it look so tempting... the meat pastry thing looks fine too, but beware of the licorice, I could eat not meters, but km!!! XD

Great and lovely pics happy you shared it with us! <3

Wonderland said...

Thank you! The licorice was really yummy (even though I didn't like all the flavors).

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