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Shopping and usual light snack

Yesterday at 11 am they opened in our town a new H&M store! Yay! Good news for me since I like H&M clothes. In the same building opened also a new KappAhl store, but I doubt you know anything about that :P I decided to go take a look since they also were giving a 20€ bonus H&M card to the first 50 persons. Not bad.

I've never been to a big store opening in my life and it showed clearly when I arrived at the centrum at 10.45 am, there were already at least 100 people waiting in front of the closed doors... and there my bonus card went down the drain! Alright, I'm a big shopping-n00b, but why is there so many teenage girls?? Aren't they supposed to be at school at this time? And what the hell is that big group of grannies doing here?! XD XD

It was also very weird when the speakers started to play loud a very epic music Star Trek style and the was the countdown before the opening. It was all kinda sad -___-

H&M was so full of people that it was impossible to move around and to try on clothes as there was a long queue for the dressing rooms. So I just grabbed a pair of comfy sport pants and I left (I payed before leaving :P). The other store, KappAhl, was almost empty even though all the clothes were 25% off for that day. There I found a nice t-shirt, and I was so happy to see that now the L size fits me!

Luckily I don't go shopping very often (I go only when I need something), it's stressing and when I arrived home I was so tired. Later in the afternoon I ate my usual light snack: rye crackers with veggies (without ham slices this time) :)


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