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Sandwich idea with egg

I don't eat that many eggs recently, though I reall like them. The other day I prepared myself for dinner a tasty sandwich. It's a bit embarassing to even call it a recipe, but it might help as inspiration for sandwich ideas, so here it goes.

Ingredients (for two persons):
  • 2 slices of bread (better if not whole wheat)
  • 1 cooked egg
  • 2 salad-leafs
  • 2 spoons of fat free yogurt
  • a bit of pepper and salt
  • optionally a bit of curry
  • 2 cherry tomatoes
  • 2 spoons of chopped hazelnuts/sesame/almond
  • 2 tsp Argan oil (or olive or sesame oil)


Chop very finely the egg white and smash the egg yolk, mixing everything with a bit of salt, pepper (and curry if desired) and the yogurt thoroughly. Chop very finely the salad leafs and add to the mixture.

On the bread, after diving in half the tomatoes, rub them against it, until the juice and core is all over (and eat the rest of the cherry tomatoe lol). Then, spread the mix over the bread slices. I have recieved a gift yummy Argan oil: it's a very expensive arabic oil made of nuts, it has this soft almond taste that is very savory, so spread a bit of that oil, or normal olive oil, over the egg-mix on the bread. To enhance the nut-taste, put finely chopped hazelnut or almond all over as decoration. Cut each slice in half and enjoy, maybe with a bit of salad or tomato-salad. :)

By the way: you can also substitute the yogurt with mayonnaise. But this fat-free version is as good tasting so it would mean to add unnecessary calories. ;)


Wonderland said...

This is an interesting sandwich! Never tried something like this before. Here we often make oven sandwiches, I'll post the recipe one day :)

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