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Fresh light dinner salad

Thank god is not so cold anymore so there's no need for a warm meal everyday and we can enjoy a fresh and light salad for dinner!

Actually this is not just a tuna salad but I added what we had left in the fridge, so eggs and mozzarella light. And, as we do in Italy, I didn't put any silly salad dressing, but just a bit of oil and salt (we didn't have vinegar at home).

Since I had a small amount of unused tomato sauce in the fridge as well, I decided to incorporate it in the meal before it went bad. So I mixed it with a bit of oil, salt, black pepper and chili. It came out nicely spicy! And it fit well with the boiled eggs :)

Ingredients (2 persons):
  • 1 package of iceberg salad (or any salad of your choice)
  • 1 can tuna chunks in brine
  • 2 eggs
  • about 2 tbs green olives
  • 2 mozzarellas light
  • spicy tomato sauce (optional)
  • rapeseed oil or olive oil
  • salt & pepper

Come on, this is a salad! Do you really need directions? :D
Just kidding, anyway... wash and slice the salad. Add tuna and olives and mix it with a bit of oil and salt.
Slice the mozzarellas and put it on serving plate. Boil and peel the eggs, slice them in 4 parts. If you want, pour the chili tomato sauce on them. Ta-daaaa it's ready! :)


Nesfy said...

is your chili tomato sauce homemade?

Wonderland said...

Well, halfly homemade. I had the basic tomatosauce leftover from a package and I added spices to it and mixed.

Unknown said...

I think the recipe is not helpful because for someone that doesn't know how to cook they wont know how to make the sauce, what tuna, is it cooked or raw... how much oil how much salt...
things like that... how long to boil the eggs.... I mean goodness it's strange like why wouldn't you be more descriptive.

Sounds good though, thanks!

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