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Tortilla de patata! or spanish tortilla recipe :D

Well, a salty typical spanish dish is the tortilla. Not the mexican tortilla, but spanish tortilla, which is easily made with eggs, onions and potatoes. There are many variations like spinach tortilla etc. But the original and true one, is with potatoes. And is very very yummy. It's also easy to do, if it wasn't because you have to turn it around, and it might be the only difficult point... it just needs practice, I suppose.

5 medium potatoes
4 eggs
2 onions
olive oil

Cut the potatoes and the onions in slices and tiny pieces, and fry them until golden, with a bit of salt.
In the meanwhile, eat the eggs, with a bit of salt, too. Just not to much. :)
Afterwards, pour the potatoes-onions into the beaten egg, and mix well (this is my favourite part.. although I don't like raw egg, I love eating bits of the potatoes poured into it.. *-* this is also the right time to check if the salt is the right amount).

Let it stay like this for a few minutes. And then prepare the pan. Put away the oil and leave it just with a little bit to avoid stickyness. The pout the whole mix into the pan and medium fire, for about 5 minutes. The under part should become golden.

And now comes the most difficult part: turn it around. xD for it must be golden also on the upper part. ;)
Just put a big plate over the pan. Create pressure and turn it around, and gently put the bottom part to the pan, without destroying its form. Do it slowly until you get more practice. :)

And then cook it another 3 minutes.. and it's done. Ready to eat. It's really simple, it sounds more difficult than it is, if you fear the weight of the pan, or the heat, just o tiny little portions in a little pan, to begin with. But spanish tortilla olé it's really worth it! :)
Serve it with a salad and enjoy.


Wonderland said...

I must make this! One of these days I will. I love omelettes.. and this is basicly a giant omelette :D

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