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Homemade Marzipan Bits

So I saw this week a tiny bar of premade marzipan. Yay.... except that I don't like premade marzipan that much. I love almonds, and I love sweets, but not TOO sweety sweets. So, that marzipan bar, was interesting.
But I prefered to do some myself. So I did homemade marzipan. :) It's VERYYYY easy, and very simple. Just did this in 10 minutes when I arrived home, I left home, did many things, came back, and in other less than 10 minutes it was done, so it's a less than 20 minutes procedure. ;)

200 gr ground almonds
200 gr granulated white sugar
1 egg white
handful of almonds

Just really mix everything well together. Just mix, mix and remix, and hear remix music of Madonna or Tori Amos or whatever, continue mixing for like 10 minutes until you get a tiny ball. Let it in the fridge for a few hours. After, you form them like you want. You can also add food color, add sprinkles, pieces of nuts... whatever.
I formed them into balls, and put inside a whole almond. Some I rolled over the sugar on the edges, some over cocoa powder, some over chocolate sprinkles...

Then put it in the oven for like 5-8 minutes on high temperature. If they start to get golden, take them out and let them cool. And then, eat.

Enjoy! *___*


Wonderland said...

Omg these look so cute! But I have few memories of marzipan, it was REALLY sweet. Aren't these very sweet too?

Sugarcat said...

Yeah... this was the original recipe, though..
the ones I made were a bit modified, I used 250 gr almonds and 150 gr sugar, so it wasn't THAT sugary. XD
I like sweets, but not those that are TOO sweet, that's why I don't like meringues, neither xD

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