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Snow White's Applepie

So this is my first post here -it's Sugarcat writing! ;)

First of all, happy 2012 to Wondy and all readers... ehm.. is someone else reading, too?
Well, if not, then it's time to do so! :D

I'll start sugary! With an apple pie! With Snow White's Applepie... well honestly, it's just a typical normal applepie as you can find in Switzerland (called Öpfelflade) or Germany (Apfelfladen) and Italy, and Spain and so on.. please stop me before I start to write down all countries of Europe. XD
Anyway, let's call it nonetheless 'Snow White's'... it sounds fairytailish, and it's pretty good now since I'm becoming addicted to the tv-series 'Once upon a time' (watch it! xD).

Where to start? Pics! So if you follow the recipe, you will get something like this:

Here comes "Snow White's Applepie Recipe" (just change the amounts for bigger or tinier portion):

- 1 roll puff pastry (I had one already rolled out, how cool am I? xDDD)
- 2 apples (please, no cursed ones!)
- 250 gr yogurt
- 2 eggs
- 1/4 l milk
- 80 gr sugar (or more, if you have a stronger sugar teeth)
- 2 tiny spoons of flour
- optional: 50 gr grated almonds
- another optional: a bit of cinnamon
- preheat the oven to 200º

So you roll out the pastry on your mold, peel and chop the apples and positions them on the pastry.

Mix all the other ingredients together and pour it over the apples.

You can decorate the top with the remaining of the puff pastry if you wish. Put it in the oven, for like 40 mins. It depends, as always, on the oven. Make sure, it doesn't get burned on the top.
Tip: If you see, the filling is still liquid and it's getting the brown colour, put some foil paper over the pie: like this it won't get burned. :)

Finally, find 7 nice dwarfes or a Prince Charming (<3) and start with the yummy eating... but beware of the evil queen!!


Wonderland said...

YUMMM!! This Snowwhite pie looks wonderful! I also have my own apple pie recipe, I'll post it here :)

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