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Mediterranean pollock

Everybody knows that fish is healthy and we should eat it at least 2 times per week. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which offer a variety of healthy benefits: they help to lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure.

When I lived in Italy I used to eat lots of fish, but here sadly there's not a big selection and often the prices are so steep like for example salmon, shrimps and clams.

But due to my new "healthier" style of eating I try to cook fish often, and also my man, who never really liked fish before, now he loves it! :)

Let's start with an easy but tasty pollock recipe.

In the recipe I use whole peeled tomatoes in tomato juice, which are a common ingredient in Italian cuisine. But normal tomato sauce works as well.

  • 400 g frozen pollock fillets
  • 400 g peeled tomatoes in tomato juice
  • 1 onion
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • rapeseed oil or olive oil
  • chopped olives
  • flour
  • oregano
  • salt & pepper

Defrost the pollock at room temperature for some hours before cooking (follow the instructions on the package).
Pour the peeled tomatoes in a bowl, squeeze them with a fork. Add salt, pepper and olives and mix well.
Chop the garlic in big pieces and the onion in slim rings. Fry them with a bit of oil in a warm pan until they get some color. Roll the fish pieces gently in the flour on each side and lay them in the pan. Add salt, pepper and oregano. Flip the fish after some minutes so both sides cook properly.
Pour the tomato sauce in the pan. Let it cook at medium flame for 2-5 minutes.
Serve with boiled potatoes and cottage cheese.


Topshelf Dresser said...

Excellent recipe, followed it to the letter and added bits of red pepper with onion and garlic. Thank you :)

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