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Frozen beauty

Today is cold. It's very cold.

This morning the temperature was -27ºC and I had to walk to the center to go to the dentist.
I was freezing! Even my nose hair froze and it wasn't very pleasant.

I know that in Finland it can reach even lower temperatures, but please remember that I'm Italian! ;___;
My body is just not cut for such harsh cold. In Milano, my hometown, it rarely snows and even more rarely the temperature drops below 0ºC.

That's why Finnish winter is so difficult for me. Even I've been living in Finland for few years now, I'm yet to get used to the freezing cold. Under my winter jacket I put many layers of clothes, with the result that I look exactly like the Michelin man >.<

But I have to admit that Winter has a such special beauty, that I've never seen in Italy. When the nature is covered with snow and the pale sun shines from behind the clouds, this place looks like a white paradise.

During my walk I took some photos :)


Sugarcat said...

love love love finish snow!!
it's so beautiful!*-*
lovely pics!

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