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Christmas yummies

Christmas is already gone but not yet forgotten, especially since I took few nice photos to remember it.

I spent a traditional Finnish Christmas at my man's mom's house, with his sister and her boyfriend. Now, Finnish people celebrate this festivity quite differently than us Italians.
Basicly the most important day is the Xmas Eve. On the 24th morning we ate rice porridge for breakfast, as it's traditionally done for Christmas (even more traditional is to eat it with cinnamon dust on top), then we went to the local cemetery to light the candles in the snow.

In the afternoon we took a relaxing sauna with beer and ate some of the many chocolates that were laying in every corner of the house.

Around 3 pm there's the CHRISTMAS MEAL. While Italians always eat in precision order appetizers, first courses, second courses etc, Finnish people don't.
All the available food is placed on the table, which tends to look quite amazing and a bit cluttered :P

The main food is what they call "Joulukinkku", a huge 7 kg ham cooked in the oven overnight and served cold (I would prefer it warm, but hey...). To accompany the ham, they serve a variety of casseroles (carrot, liver etc.), salmons, salads, mayonnaise salads, ham in gelatin (lihahyytelö) and so on.

As for desserts, there're the traditional gingerbread cookies "Piparit" and the Christmas tarts I posted a little while ago served with "Glögi", aka mulled wine combined with spices and served warm.

Pretty Christmas decorations


Rice porridge

Dinner table

Karelian pies


Karelian stew


Sugarcat said...

oh my.. so many spoooons!! xD
the salmon looks sooooo tasty! and the karelian pies, too!!

Wonderland said...

Yeah the salmon WAS indeed tasty, I loveeeeeeeeee salmon XD And the karelian pies too (with salmon on top of them hahahaha)

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